Meet the Team

Chris Welker

Lab Manager


Chris is a senior psychology major studying social psychology and neuroscience.  Aiming to pursue social neuroscience in graduate school, he is especially interested in investigating intergroup divides, perspective taking, and self/other differences. In the lab, Chris studies social interaction and is completing an honors thesis about faulty self/other differences in evaluation that occur during everyday conversation. Chris spends his free time listening to music and exploring the backcountry of upstate New York.

Amberly Robinson


Amberly Robinson is from San Diego, California. She is currently a senior psychology major and member of Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology. Amberly's focus is on social and personality psychology and her interests include organizational behavior and law. After graduation, she plans to gain experience at a consulting firm and continue on to earn a master's degree. Her goal is to become a business or trial consultant but she's open to following her passion wherever it may take her. 

Heather Dengler


Heather is a first generation senior majoring in Human Development at the College of Human Ecology who loves studying systems. With a main focus on serving the under served from a clinical psychology perspective, her interests span from the impact of the social environment and public policy on individuals to the psychology of internal change. When not attending classes or running experiments in the lab, she is studying how to build a healthy inclusive community, and thinking about the trajectory of artificial intelligence.

Elise Smith

Elise Smith is a junior from Palo Alto, California. She is a double major in Performing and Media Arts and Psychology, with a concentration in Social Psychology. She is especially interested in the study of everyday social interactions, and the intersections between art and human behavior. In her free time, she enjoys finding large sums of money on the ground and vegan eats.

Shelly Zhang


Shelly is a junior psychology & economics major and has been with the lab for two semesters. She chose psychology because she is fascinated with the material and loves learning and thinking about how our minds work and how we behave in situations. After undergrad, Shelly hope to pursue graduate school in social psychology or behavioral economics. In her free time she enjoys swimming, exploring new eateries, traveling, and playing cards with friends. 

Evan Kravitz


Evan is a freshman studying economics and psychology. He is interested in behavioral economics and hopes to pursue graduate studies in the field. He is involved with the alpine ski team and plays drum set for a Cornell jazz combo.

Hannah Hwa


Hannah is a Freshmen in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is currently an undecided major, but is interested in majoring in Psychology. Ever since she was little, Hannah has always had an interest in psychology and hopes to learn more about the specific subfields in the department. During her first semester, she took Psychology 1101 and Psych 1103: The Psychology of Money.